New and Used Boat Co Derby
New and Used Boat Co Derby
Mercia Marina, Findern Lane, Willington, Derbyshire, DE65 6DW, UK
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The New & Used Boat Co. offering both new canal boats for sale and used canal boats for sale. We have a superb range of new narrowboats for sale as well as new widebeams for sale or should you require something you can venture a little further in, then how about the superb dutch barge boat.

We also have a wide range of used narrowbeam boats and used widebeam boats through our full brokerage service. Our superb, hand-picked selection of canal boats can be viewed right here on our website or first hand at one of our convenient sales offices where you'll find our friendly and experienced sales teams with all the help and advice you'll need to get you on the water. They can explain all about our range of new narrow beam boats and new wide beam boats together with our used narrow beam boats and used wide beam boats.

What's more a visit to one of the sales offices at either the Mercia marina (Derby) or Hanbury Wharf (Droitwich) offers a great opportunity to experience all our boats for sale, inside and out. There are demonstrators of new boats and a great range of used boats always on show plus much, much more.

Begin your voyage towards the boat that will give years of satisfaction and pleasure by clicking on either the new or used icons on the left.

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Brand New Shearwater 57ft Reverse Layout by Collingwood 2024 57' £139,950UK
Slow Progress 50ft 2001 G&J Reeves Cruiser Stern Well maintained 2001 50' £47,950UK
Amazon 36ft 1992 Trad by Dave Clarke Modern Light Painted Interior 1992 36' £37,950UK
Kumani 58ft 2006 Semi-Trad Very nice condition throughout 2006 58' £68,950UK
Brand New Painted Sailaway Narrowboat Stock 636 2023 60' £62,950UK
Brand New Shearwater Additions 60ft, Square enclosed Stern 2023 60' £94,950UK
Bristle & Rose 63ft x 12ft 6 Widebeam 2022 Collingwood/Owner 2022 63' £175,000UK
Ragnald 40ft 2007 Trad by V&G Engineering Fitout by Builder & Owner 2007 40' £38,950UK
Barcarolle 52ft 2006 Trad by Alexander Boats with Roger Fincher Fitout 2006 52' £48,950UK
FMC Tasmania 60ft 1908 Trad With Full Cabin Conversion 1908 60' £59,950UK
Aqualine Boats Wanted Customers Waiting for Quality Used Aqualines 60' UK
Brand New 60ft Reverse layout by Russell Narrowboats 2023 60' £144,950UK
Benji 55ft 2006 Semi-Trad Burton Narrowboats 2006 55' £55,450UK
Last Whim 40ft Paul Barber Trad Stern 1996 1996 40' £37,950UK
Rosina 60ft x 10ft 2014 Widebeam Collingwood/Owner with Reverse Layout 2014 60' £85,950UK
Brand New Marlow 70ft x 12ft3 Widebeam Ready for Immediate Handover 2023 70' £189,575UK
Brand new 60ft x 12ft6 Sailaway Additions by Collingwood Fully Painted 2023 60' £120,796UK
Gandja 57ft 2018 Aintree boats Semi-trad Reverse Layout 2018 57' £89,950UK
Eff N Ern 63ft Trad Mike Heywood 1994 Large Glazed Bow for Crafts Shop 1994 63' £46,950UK
Gertie 57ft Trad 1995 Stenson Boats with Owner Fitout 1995 57' £39,950UK
Yes My Dear 60ft 2023 Reverse Layout Cruiser Stern 2023 60' £109,950UK
Freeline No7 Brand New 60ft x 10ft Reverse layout Widebeam 2023 60' £159,950UK
Chesterton No8 55ft R&D/Saraband Boatbuilders Trad Stern 1990 1990 55' £39,950UK
Lady Amelia 60ft 2022 Cruiser Stern Collingwood Shearwater 2022 60' £119,950UK
Brand New Eurocruiser Sailaway Additions 60ft x 12ft6 Available Now 2022 60' £127,842UK
Polka 57ft6 Aqualine Montana 2008 Semi Trad 2008 57' 6" £69,950UK
Stuc A Chroin 66ft 2020 Aqualine Manhattan High Spec 2020 66' £139,950UK
Broughton 60ft 2010 Aqualine Madison Reverse Layout 2010 60' £78,950UK
Brand New Collingwood Abode 70ft 2 Bedroom Unmissable Offer 2023 70' £189,950UK
Zephyranthes 52ft 2008 JD Narrowboats Reverse Layout 2008 52' £38,950UK
Plain Lazy 52ft 2007 Cruiser Stern by Keith Woods 2007 52' £49,950UK
Conger 65ft RW Davis 1988 Trad, Boatmans Cabin, Gardner 4LW 1988 65' £39,950UK
Providence 60ft 1989 Graham Parker Trad Stern 1989 60' £45,950UK
Bradz Pitt 45ft 2008 Barry Hawkins Trad with Reverse Layout. 2008 45' £49,950UK
Chas 68ft Malcolm Pearson Trad Russel Newbury DM2, Boatmans cabin 1990 68' £74,950UK
Alcedonia Vita is a Beautiful 65ft x 10ft 2010 Heritage Widebeam 2010 65' £124,950UK
Dizzy 40ft 2015 Trad Mike Heywood/John Else 2015 40' £46,950UK
New 57ft X R&D Cruiser with Andy Dence Reverse Layout Fitout 2023 57' £154,950UK
Celtic May 60ft 2016 Trad Beautifully Crafted by Bourne Boatbuilders 2016 60' £125,950UK
Questing Vole 58ft 2008 Cruiser Stern by Hexagon Boats 2008 58' £49,950UK
Winney 55ft Jonathan Wilson/Heron Boats Trad built 1997 1997 55' £47,950UK
Time 45ft 2004 John White Trad 4 Berth Very tidy Boat. 2004 45' £46,950UK
All Mod Cons 70ft x 12ft 2018 Luxury 2 Bed Widebeam by Orchard/Pendle 2018 70' £159,950UK
Ocho 70ft 2006 Inspection Launch Style Widebeam 2006 70' £169,950UK
Timeslip 42ft Cruiser Stern Built by Hallmark in 1996 1996 42' £22,950UK
Warrior 54ft Tug Style built in 1996 by Shotbolt Rare National DM3 1996 54' £54,950UK
Brand New Aqualine Canterbury 68ft x 12ft Stock Boat, 2 Bedroom. 2023 68' £194,950UK
Louisa Jane 57ft 2005 Liverpool Boats Cruiser Stern 2005 57' £59,950UK
Firefly 58ft 2002 Stephen Goldsbrough Trad 4 Berth 2002 58' £67,950UK
Firoza 59ft 2007 Semi-Trad By Reading Marine on a Reeves Hull 2007 59' £62,950UK
Boats Wanted on Brokerage, Customers Waiting, Great Locations 70' UK
Hilts 70ft x 12ft3 " 2021 Collingwood Eurocruiser 2 Bedroom 2021 70' £164,950UK
Footloose 60ft x 12ft 2015 Collingwood Eurocruiser 2015 60' £119,950UK
Point Shoot Aim 2020 Aqualine Madison As New High Spec Reverse Layout 2020 60' £155,750UK
Trinity 54ft 2004 Southwest Durham Cruiser Stern 2004 54' £49,950UK
Brand New 60ft Cruiser Stern Sailaway by Collingwood Available now 2022 60' £59,950UK
Castell Dwr 62ft 2007 Cruiser Stern by Auto Craft 2007 62' £56,950UK

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